Date Knight

I walk these dunes across the clock
The clock of a millennium
This clock is my friend
My most hearty friend
From the Republic of madness.

For a millennium,
I have been looking for radhika
Radhika whose braid hung out of the
Calcutta tramline
She had limpid sad eyes
Illustrated by a schoolgirl braid.

It has been many clocks now
I walk in and walk out
Of the many wristholds of radhika.
The Calcutta tramline is my friend
It reminds me of the many clocks
That burnt out
Running with me.

Thank you clocks,
I say, in dried tears.
I have stopped counting
For counting was my first sin
Never count my friends! Never ever!

O clocks I am sorry
For I tried to use time for counting
Time is the veil of radhika
The unveiling of which was my second sin
Hey radhika,
You wanna get coffee sometime?
Anytime, anywhere.

I promise I won’t look at the waitress.


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