The Second Road

Is it the same road?
Is it the very same road?
I am pretty sure I walked down here yesterday
A road of mischievous hope
A road of twinkling eyes
And moist grass
Shitting cows
Flakes of gold
Sweetened chai
Ambling lads
First flush of love
A quick glance
A fast truck
Where is the football ground then?
They played as if Messi were watching
They leapt
And cried
Made friends and foes
If you walk down a road a second time
You are bound for sorrow
Try not to do it
I walk in search of yesterday’s road.
I walk I walk I walk
It is sundown
Searching for those sinewy footballers
They wrapped up their ground
And went home to mama
It is not their fault.

I must not have walked a second time.


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