Should I begin a new tab?
A new tab in a new window?
A new window in a new OS?
I am a windows user
Our ways are different
They collide on the clickbait
The outrage of the day washes over us
Comey Trump Macron Gaza
Float up like crumpled paper boats
We stare at the screen
I should be writing, you say.
I should have written you in my little moleskine,
I sigh.
You light up.
You can’t sleep.
The outrage of the day leaves you irritable.
Your wife goes to work early in the morning
She takes the car
You take the train
It is morning here
I read news
Retweet some art
Read some scathing political criticism
Scathing critique
Of fascism, hypermodernity, loss of the soul.
My soul is blue
I paint it in green.
Whats up.
Regret from my lover
Who won’t make it for the concert.
Should I go alone?
Should I ask a friend?
Should I clickbait you?
Should I open a new tab?

A new browser perhaps?
A new country?
A new love?
Anew anew


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