Lula Mae

You’re insufferable
Your pink shoes
Your drapes
Your sparkling eyes
Your flying wings craving a cage.
Cages are for people
That rubbed off the sparkle.
Cage-owners miss the sparkle,
So they crowd your parties
Do you worry about fascism and the urban poor, Lula Mae?

No dahling,
You’re not loveable
You’re a bony soft toy
You are the tiffany diamond
That waits for the owner with the perfect price
Your traipsing feet Lula
Your despicable Holly whistle
The taxi guy loves you
Yunioshi loves you
They wouldn’t if you loved them back
If equal affection cannot be
Let them gift diamonds to me
You dint show up for the audition Lula
Not because you loved New York
But you were scared
You would grow out of your dreamburrow
And become an Oscar winner in a war film

Or some such.
You’re scared Lula
Scared of Holly
Scared of cat
Scared that Fred never loved you in the first place.
All you love is your fire escape
For there was never a fire
Yet there is a rusty escape.
Come Lula, let me lead you to your Texas grave.
Go home to die, Lula.
New York is a shitface.


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