I Have Plans

We are the hungry generation
Hang on
We are hungry
Can you hear me?
Line is unclear
Are you home?
I’m home
I’m busy
I have plans
Five year plans
Ten year plans
I have a plant if you will
-          A dead plant.
I type in the comfort of its warm corpse.
Do corpses get hungry?
We are the hungry generation.
We hate you.
Your broken pencil
Bald spot
Tender loving attention
Constitutive openings.
We’ve locked the door of the kitchen cabinet.
The door is locked.
The food is in there.
It rained.
We bled.
There was blood on the dancefloor
Time and time again
We played DJ Heebi Jabbie
Some Oriental bullshit
Hungry for music
Hungry for love
Love on the dancefloor
Tsk tsk tsk
Love in the time of Hungary.
I was just in Budapest for my honeymoon
The moon was yellow
We bled out some hungry love
At lunch, we parted.
I kept the bangles
They make me hungry
On balmy evenings
I dream of mosquitoes
Some Oriental bullshit
On a fourpost bed.
I have plans tonight.

May 2, 2017


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