My Fascist and I

-          March 3, 2017

This anthro life
Mis-anthro life
Ms. Anthro Life
Piss anthrolife
I miss you
Monsieur Anthro
You taught me to revisit my cultural assumptions
My underpinnings
My overtones
My Ps, Qs, Rs, and so on
Wear the Empathetic Hat
For the suffering of peoples
And their bald revolts
And their hunched shoulders
And their pins and needles
I eat burnt eggs
And sugary chai
For breakfast
And contemplate the rise of Fascism.

What is Fascism? I ask.
You tell me it is governance based on the innermost blackness of souls.
Words trickle into my chai
As do the grey skies
And burnt cigarettes
And old love affairs.
I want to see my black soul
My soul in its hidden black corner
I want to see my Fascist
Greet her
Kiss her
Kill her
And live with the shrouded corpse
In a cold castle
My Fascist and I
My manic and I
Locked away

In deadness.


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