Cloudy Fashion: Shillong Notes

Shillong probably deserves the epithet of fashion capital of India. Hair appears here in tones of gold, auburn, brown - coupled with colored sneakers and converses. Fake leather jackets are very popular. There is little or no embellishment. Fashion here is distinct, reminds me a little of Bangalore fashion a decade ago.

But the winner is the ease of gait. Men and women move at the rhythm of clouds. The day moves into a bout of rain, comes out into a  bit of sunshine, and then slowly wraps itself in evening. B and I walk from Nongrim to Police Bazaar to Laitumukrah. We take a bus. We take shared taxis. The pace is content, slow. The mood is - I don't have a word for it - it's a kind of content, but something more. Something that the fortress of the mountains bring to its hilly public sphere. Policabazaar is bustling - there is thick traffic. But none of the anger of Indian big cities. None of the aggression. We walk in awe of the well-dressed women who giggle and cross roads. They treat the road as their home. I try to photograph some of them - they turn giggle and shy. I am glad I asked their permission, but I keep wishing for the furtive shot to the giggly ease of their move.  Here are some of my awkward conquests:


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