Thanks Anu! I am taking this dusk shot to be my dawn.
I have been trying to claim the morning. Never having been a morning person ever in my life. I usually wake up at five. Today at four. The break of dawn, initially beautiful, has been become my pretty neighbor now. Time seems to stand still at this hour. As the world sleeps. Or pretends to sleep. The internet is alive though. It doesn’t sleep. Somewhere some political battle is bandied about. Somewhere fashion changes. It all seems distant – hazy. Like the picture of an article behind the New York Times paywall. You wanted it, but the cost is too high to get it. So you grow ambivalent to it. At least at this  hour.

It’s the only time in the day where the ‘now’ wins over the ‘then’ or ‘ever’. I feel an urgent morning hunger. Around six thirty I make myself toast and wrap it in Nutella. My morning consumerism. The house is still quiet. Its dreams are speedily drawing to climax. My brother slips out to run – quietly. Lights of software houses and shopping malls blink in tiredness across the horizon. It is dawn they say. Dawn.  A fragile break in the relentless rollout of time. From darkness into light. From sleep into wakefulness. For many, it is a new day’s fight. For the unslept, it is a continued attempt at fighting time. Sleep is capitalism’s respite against itself, some say. Perhaps true. It is the only way, I say, to experience the transition between intensities of time.


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