Half-Pedal Song

The walk back from school is delayed. Dilly dally. So the loops of traffic can be used to one’s advantage. A half-pedaling bicycle comes along. And a toothy grin along with it. What’s all the stuff in your bag? It looks really heavy. Why, you wanna carry it? I would, but then my cycle… Much is conveyed. A minute-long dream-run when time is slowed down to an almost-stop. The daily trickle of men, material and transport, rues in September heat, the innocence and fragility of school-uniform love. Blue pajamas, white kurta, braids and beads of sweat. Blockbuster songs of not-so-known movies blare as it is the hangover day after Visvakarma Puja day. Bicycle half-pedals to the boorish rhythm. This must be the making of melody – when muck melts into song. Frenzied traffic kickstarts again. One must carry on with the day. 


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