Summer Song

America, summer is here now
Your sobs muffled in flowers now
Lovers kiss on skateboards
And the recession smiles
Your shopping carts brim
Your beards trimmed
Your beaches abound
Your towers aground
Your daddy loves you
Your pajamas are new
Black and blue.

America, you killed the sinner
You washed your hands
You kissed me tender
You brushed
You hushed
Me to sleep.

I memorized credit card numbers
in the dream
When you fucked me tender
America, summer is here now
I hiked a few miles
to see the world as if I were tall
And then came down
and gathered all my stuff
My credit cards, keys, underwear.
Forgot my phone
It rang
In the dream
As you shoved it in
I wore a hat
In the dream
My thriftstore dress
On the floor
Of an elevator
America, your big dick
As the phone rang.


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