Many festivities today.
A few revolutionary fireworks.
Red carpets.
Guns and roses.
Franco and Hathaway the high-school sweethearts.
Many fairies smile behind botox-veils.
Tuxedoes crackle under arclights.
A dictator turns into fairydust.
The demonic and the beautiful in my newsfeed.
Fear and loathing of wired workaholics.
They are taking breaks from races to deadlines,
while they make love to good revolutions and bad movies.

Mornings make headlines and hangovers.
Singles get engaged.
A broken hearted icon to ease your pain.
Sympathy and bottled vitamin water.
Damp roads and sunglasses.
A holiday perhaps in the spring.
Now that dictators have been chided enough.
Some sepia, some seafood.


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