I bent over to decipher the nature of fishbone. And the young land acquisition consultant continued his story. Yahaan road bana dein. Thhoda landscaping kar dein. To it will be ideal weekend getaway. Some tit-bits about the government not shelling out money on time. Delaying completion of project. Hmmm. Haan. Someone is yelled out for. He needs a reminder for the fish to arrive. I look up to find the second young man waits for his turn. Squares his shoulders. Leans back. Talks about the fragility of projects in their early stages.

I ask for his card. And smile. The consultant is pleased. Though the moment is awkward. I gather pen paper bag and leave, leaving the some fishbone undeciphered. I promise to look him up. Next summer maybe. For more stories of land-hunt. His work is most interesting for my research. I say. We share the same terrain. We examine similar landscapes. We ask questions and try to answer them. We like to bash government over lunch. We like the smell of fish. Especially when it gets a bit erotic.


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