Habermas on Pink Symbols of Self

Women unite their public 'woman' voices on Facebook and virtual public spheres to bring down forces of patriarchy.Patriarchy takes the face of young goons with hockey sticks in urban Karnataka, that are anxious about the loss of masculine pride of their community. The Kannadiga. The Hindu. The wholesome. The organic. The authentic. The pristine. Which risks erosion when its women lose cultural authenticity. Young goons construct 'authentic' selves in their sticks and slogans.

Young women on Facebook. Construct selves too. In the typed word and uploaded image. Constituting 'privatised' pristine inner 'woman' selves, and then dauntlessly writing and fighting to protect their 'woman'nesses and underwear and autonomy in the public sphere. They affirm faith in a pink symbol of inner self as they write pink graffiti on virtual walls.

The patriarch inscribes his masculinity, community, authenticity on the firewalls of the internet. The autonomous women speak out the terms of their 'woman' selves inside the internet cocoon. A violent public forms at the fringes of the internet, while the liberal speaking 'woman' public expresses distress in the protected publicness of Facebook. They curiously fight in the same way, articulating their inner-nesses in the public domain. Becoming private by naming their private selves in the public.


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