There are migrant labourers, migrants of marriage, migrants of faith. And then there are migrant of competitive examination. That migrate to the public service competitive examination neighbourhood of Mukherjee Nagar. A longish rickshaw ride from the Vishvidyalaya metro station takes you the bustle of the IAS-aspirant economy. Some stay here for decades pursuing public service aspiration. Some make it to square black-and-white photograph advertisements for IAS academies declaring how they nurture prodigies the best.

This rickshaw-navigated mohalla sports chai-stalls, and exam-material peddlers on its pavements. Advertisements for renowned Geography or Public Administration trainers and cheap Paying Guest establishments on its stratosphere. The concrete in between is all dedicated to cracking of public service examinations.

This aspiration for stable, respectable, livelihood makes Mukherjee Negar. My IAS-aspirant friend shacks up here with her compendia of information and concealed cigarattes. Amidst friendly chaiwallas, training-school-barons and some winter aspiration.


Gawd, that brings back depressing memories of no-chance-in-hell college mates and their barsaatis baking in the afternoons of a Delhi June.


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