This is Temperate Wind.
Sharp and efficient
Smiling sometimes.
How’re you today, miss?
Fine, thank you.
Have a good day.
Watch your step.
And it goes about its job.

Just as the lament of the church gong.
It is five p.m.
Five p.m. worth of darkness.
In this temperate world.

Of shivers and gloves.
And red and satin scarves.
Stand-offish high heels.
Leggings say hello.
From inner worlds of warmth.

Rustles of red.
Rustles of grey.
Rustles of silk.
Cigarette flakes.
Brush against the signboard.
Sidewalk Closed.
Please Cross Here.

Temperate crossings.
Stop go stop.
Turn. Stop.
Green. Yellow. Pedestrian.
Walk across.
Caution for the beverage is hot.

Morning yet again.
Consume. Produce.
Stop go stop.
Turn. stop.
For commodity is a social product.
Says Temperate Wind.
Have a good day.
But caution for the beverage is hot.


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