Snow Flakes

Particulate snow collects on my spectacles and cries down my down jacket. Mourning loss of worlds. And a particular youthful lifeworld. An old man stands on the dias of the Korean Presbyterian Church and spreads happy expctations of Christmas trees by the corner of the Chapel. Spreads good news of donated children's books gone to good use in Zimbabwe. All is well for God still speaks. And they sing. And I think of an old Jim Reeves song called Snow Flkes (rather corny one) that my parents used to love.

And I think of the St.Paul's Cathedral. In Calcutta. And its ancient Gothic grandeur. The choir seats above. There is a pause between Christmas announcements on the dias. I slip out.

This is not a mourning walk. Rather a celebratory one. I took it a few years back when someone I knew from school died of illness. I take it when grief does not feel like a worthy sentiment to comemmorate a life. It's a walk to celebrate someone else's walk. That ended without due celebration.


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