Yours locally

New England looks red and gold from the East Rock. With a hint of an idle blue ocean leaking out of its crevices. White steeples looking distantly in arrogance. This was as beautiful a moment as it was alien. Beauty and heritage zealously guarded for over centuries- I wonder where this arrogantly ancient local would fit into the global-local polemics. Where the local is small, vulnerable, beautiful, obscure- that is liable to perish under the Global bulldozer.

What local is this? Small and powerful. Quaint and arrogant. With sophisticated security worked into old Gothic doors. That toys with Global remote control. That can spare the extra dollar to buy fair trade coffee and farmer's vegetables. And heads out to learn about quaint worlds with the Peace Corps. All the while keeping its localhood protected. No Coke bulldozer rolls up here for water, no sweatshop to stitch up jeans. New England defoliates in anticipation of winter- in beauty and dignity and quaintness. Keeping its hands firmly on the Global remote control.


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