Edgerton Musings

Edgerton Park is home to the small travelling theatre company and the offbeat bluegrass group and the political country musician. Bringing to live the dreamlike notion of a happy community that comes along with its picnic baskets, deck chairs and wine bottles. On a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's eco-friendly and uncorporate and romantic. With older folks and children. And no drunken doped out twenty-somethings screeching from their boyfriends' shoulders.

This was the picture of the Other Possible World that we dream of when we wave jhandas at corporate demons. Through the Edgerton performance I found myself fighting a yearning for Coke banners splashing red. Or some music company claiming ownership of the song and the singing. Perhaps, the demons are really our fetishes. If the world were pretty and sensible and ecofriendly, maybe it wouldn't be as much fun. Maybe this fetishised unending battle against wrong and unjust and dirty and cruel gives us our mojo.


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