Notes from The West

I write from the Western Hemisphere. Feeling small and brown. And exalted for having jumped continents and conversed in English. Still taking in the euphoria of walking around in shorts and sitting alone at cafe's. For this is The West!

The excessive pisturesqueness of New England sinks in still. Quiet greens and gothic towers and bicycling modernities make the memories of the daily jostle for air, water, space, food, money, job, ideas, download speeds, movie tickets sharper. And prove the curiousness of the world in general. All the more. I marvel at the power of a fourteen floor library. And state-of-the-art buildings made to look Gothic. The cosmopolitan American marvels at small brown women speaking wordy English.

And then tea in the afternoon and good-old-feminist-bonding tells me that people are pretty much the same. Wherever you go.


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