One more winter-senti post

Ice fist over Ice fingers
Breathe out misty ringlets
Fire-dance on sidewalk
Roasts hunched-up souls.

Roast in the morning sun
For the love of warm skin
For the love of art culture business
For the love of winter fog.

Roast in the afternoon.
In mausoleum shadows
For the love of methi parathas
And damp government jobs.

Roast in the evening
For the love of smoked moongphali
Cigarette- smoke pensive
Jolts of neat whisky.

Roast hand-me-downs
By the warm istri-coals
Hand some to the maid's kid
She runs about. Barefoot.

Roast hunched-up souls, you.
Roast while you can
Some roast in tandoor
Some tropical sands.


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