Weekend Cleanup

Have finally gotten around to the long-pending Sort-Categorise-Update-Cleanup-doVirusscan drill inside my brain. Like I do with office-desks, when random printouts, keys, pens without caps, blah-important-person's cards, relevant printouts dogeared- pile up like a squatter settlement, that could otherwise a planned residential colony, with manicured trees, jogging tracks, basketball courts, swimming pools, shopping malls.

So I store information/thoughts/emotions/mindfuckingly brilliant analyses randomly, as and when it is created/fed into my brain in a Folder called Now. Categorisation, inventorisation, stocktaking happens at a later point. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a long stretch, and sometimes the Now folder gets overloaded, and some bits start talking to each other, quibbling, some brawls, and creating galata, and a red light blinks on the Now icon. Indicating that a SCUCV is required urgently.

So, the red has been blinking for a while now, and I have been ignoring it. And this is going to be SCUCV weekend. Check each file inside the Now Folder, delete if useless ( with reference to categories of life, work,daydream, people-who-matter, fashion, home, world politics, features, miscellaneous, cosmos). Check for files of future harm/debilitation potential- like irritating thought, petty comment from friend, funny brain-image of pimple-on-nose causing weird issues with the mirror. These are to be erased from Recycle Bin.

From what is left, check to see what corresponds to already existing folders- Friends, Family, Experiences with Opposite Sex, Sex, Delhi, Cal, Bangalore, Fiction, Non-fiction, Real, Imaginary, Cosmos, Daydream, Food, Books, Home, Aesthetics, Survival Skills, Being Unangsty Feminist, Being Angsty Feminist, Hot Men, Interesting People. Shift accordingly. From what remains, check for what can be clubbed together and put in a new folder. Possibly be named Things You Shall Never Do Again, Things You Have Enjoyed Thoroughly At Some Point But Now Find Terribly Boring, People Who Talk Too Much, Women Who You Don't Get, People Who You Find Inexplicably Attractive. Create such folders as may be deemed appropriate. Shift Files.

Remember: Sometimes things would require multiple copies to be stored in different folders. In which case, label such files ith names of folders where they are saved in multiplicity. To facilitate easy dig-up-old-stuff drills in future.

As a consequence, the Now Folder becomes empty, looks spotlessly clean (like hotel lobby floors), and you work it again from Monday morning.


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