The Story of the Missing Tigers and Tusks

In the texts of administrative laws (Wade and Smith being the fashionable names to cite), one is told 'public interest', concerns of the ex-chequer, and in some cases quasi-judicial reasoning informs the mind of the state machinery. One thinks later, what did our State think when looking to solve a problem of depleting forest lands, and disappearing tigers and wild elephants? It thought-"... it has to be these settlements of tribal people who have been collecting twigs and picking fruits through centuries that have driven roadrollers through forests, and poached for smuggle-market of tusks. It must have been them un-conservationist lot, who kill tigers, and wipe off our precious coniferous forests. They must be the ones itching to build themselves some highways and some shopping malls."

The state agency- in our case, it being The Bench (that I must speak of in reverence and reticence for fear of Mid-day Massacres), that is the Messiah and the Tiger and the Tusk- goes:
".... tsk tsk... these tribal chaps are nice and cute, but they know nothing about conservation. Since we must conserve our middle-class Romance of the Tiger and the Tusk, we must we must- the Tusk... the Tusk! Give up the Tribal for the Tusk. So we can shop by the highway in peace. And safari-hike in joy on holiday. And brag in elan, about our shopping-mall-cum-safari State."

So, says The Bench : " Off with their heads, coz they are too much of a headache, on a Friday afternoon. Give the miner his license to wipe out some wilds, put the tribal away into some mining crevice, place the Banner of the middle-class romance of the Tiger and the Tusk right in the middle, so Fourth Estate Blokes get a photo-op, to perhaps be the Mascot of our Shopping-Mall-cum-Safari State. Such peace gives Justice when it is done..."


John said…
But isn't there a lot of lip-service to 'involving the tribal', and then there is the new Bill too, you professional whiner. Shouldn't you give it some time before kicking up a storm.
anglophilicbong said…
The real political story of the Bill is un-tellable here John, will tell you in person, this is the only space where I can fearlessly/namelessly whine....

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