Season-change post

Something about the first nip in the air. Makes you imagine grey evenings when they are not yet grey. Smokes out of cigarette, DTC buses start smelling as though a firecracker just went out across the street. Full-sleeve kurtas are pulled out from the bottom of the pile. Razais are folded and kept ready at the foot of the bed.

As much as I turn up my bongsnob-nose at South Dilli, last winter, I must admit, I almost fell in love with the city. And with the moongphaliwalas lining the sidewalks of the city. There was a day in January, that I couldn't turn the page of an ice-cold file. I had never seen knee-length coats in pinks and yellows. And I had never known there were heaters in cars. In India. And had never imagined the weight of three blankets together. Just as I had never imagined that drinking and card-games were an essential part of a Hindu festival. At least its North-Indian version.

Delhi winters are charming. Somewhat like the city when it's not trying to assert conclusively its invincible makkhismo. Somewhat like a burly sardar cab-driver when he smiles ruefully and talks about his dead daughter.


Anonymous said…
I miss Delhi. And your post made me miss it so much more. Enjoy the winters.
tame_wildcard said…
If you ever drive by the intersection of the C-Hexagon road with Rajpath near India Gate in the morning during January, you might be treated to a interesting sight. Namely, entire regiments of troops practicing for the parade suddenly materializing out of the fog. Its quite stunning..

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