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I remain a devoted reader of the Compulsive Confessor's urbane 'woman' exploit-stories, but am quite disturbed by her transition into a non-anonymous, linked-to-real-life-person blog. More so by the Telegraph UK article, in which she has been portrayed as the Indian 'Bridget Jones'. I don't know how her interview went, so not in a position to impute self-marketing to eM herself, but she is soooo no Bridget....not even close.

Bridget is endearingly fat, edgy, jittery about the world's image of her- endearingly lonely- endearingly intelligent yet self-effacing. eM, and I am a devoted reader, is a Cool Cat. A funny one at that, honest (though sometimes she sounds pretentious and self-obsessed, like all of us do) and very real for an urbane woman, handling various Indias, like me. So, reading her blog is fun for urbane twenty-something women. And maybe, marginally titillating for wannabe men, and ubercool for nineteen-year-old aspirants. But she is so Not Bridget. The difference being that her writing is definitely a bit cultivated, and she sounds a bit too vagina-sure for it to be real. So she sounds a bit like she is performing on the blog. Which is okay. It can still make for fun reading.

For all the SatC comparisons on Sepia Mutiny, she may even sound a little Carrie-esque. Who takes Vagina-angst to a different level altogether. And keeping aside east-west culture-shock bitching, if I were to read Carrie's blog, I think it would be something like eM's. (I love both their unapologetic Cool Catness, but they both no Pathbreakers, if that's what are being made out to be). But New York, Bombay or Delhi, neither Carrie nor eM are pathbreakingly feminist, or are writing sexcapades. For all her blowjob manuals, eM has never vividly described a sexual experience, not dated a married man/boss/father-figure-type-person/cradle-snatched/effectively-boyfriend-stolen...nothing about her sex life is terribly scandalous, for any single-in-the-big-city Indian woman. But, I repeat, identifiable boring and lonely Fridays make for fun reading. And zero scandal. Or titillation.

On the Feminising-Look-I'm-So-Rebellious coverage, she does sound like she thinks her drinking and partying is a big deal. (Read the About me Section, and you'll know what I am talking about) I can't imagine an urbane, hip, belly-button-gazing, vagina-sure English-speaking Outlook journalist living any other way. She is as rebellious as her particular social milieu accepts of her. Obviously, her posts will scandalise green-card-fantasising-wannabe-cool Indian men, but the test is does she scandalise her own kind. My take would be NO, coz they're all living the same lives.

That said, she remains a cute,funny girl-on-the-web. By no means scandalous, rebellious or pathbreaking. I look forward to reading some breezy chicklit when her book is out.


hmmingbird said…
got lost among blogs and ended up here.
i've always thought the same about eM's blog- and am rather surprised to find a ghost of a post to be on another blog. :)
thalassa_mikra said…
I was one of the lucky few who escaped watching more than a couple of episodes of SATC - and even then the navel-gazing and whining got a bit much. I guess I have no patience with Carrie-esque women because I've been around a few of them - and they are mostly insufferable narcisstic bores.

However, even if they speak in similar voices, I find eM a far more likeable character than Carrie. Her reticence has a fairly valid excuse - Carrie's is all hypocrisy.

The Telegraph article or no Telegraph article, eM has a book coming out based on her blog - the anonymity wouldn't have lasted anyway.

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