version II

A Hinge in the Middle

Something of a spongy sensation.

In age-old teak.

In humid morning shadows.

The edges of the desks worn out.

Of sharpness.

A hinge in the middle,

The lid folds into two.

It is funny-this hinge.

To run your finger along it,

Careful not to let it squeeze between the folding sections.

A lectern to rest your feet, carved like an inverted S,

Sheafs of paper tied together.

Answer booklet.

Please remember to number your answers in an orderly fashion.

A yellow plastic box

Yields a translucent ruler.

Sundrops turn rainbow around its edges.

If you wave it slowly near the window.

Suck candy.

Beneath summer foliage.

Section B- 30 marks.

Please attempt any three questions.

Wipe the dripping orange liquid.

Crumple dripping paper.

Press against palm.

Neatness- 1 mark.

Hinges along the window-pane too,

Along blue wooden panels.

Pindrop silence.

Along Iron-rust railings.

Iron-rust railings are two

f’s facing each other.

Run your finger along them.

Wet with sweat.

September 19, 2007

12.03 p.m.

This is something I first wrote on March 15, 2006. Out of a vivid junior school exam marijuana-induced recollection. The first version has been published. Found it amidst old documents this morning and took off most of the articles, especially the 'the's - they read like ugly decorative buttons on a black halter top. Fucked up the grammar a little here and there. This is version II.


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