U and I

I have a profound theory about paradigmatic bubbles of Men and Women- but this captures it much more aptly than my attempts at profundity.

In other news, I am speaking to an old friend, Universe these days. Conversations are something like this:

U: So you must have it all figured out eh?
A: Of course, I have foresight. And I have been known to have taken sensible decisions in the past. My friends and family have known me to be independent, un-eccentric, head-screwed-onto-shoulders types. So surely...
U: Surely surely...

U: So sometimes you strongly want to scream out loud and run like a madcap eh?
A: Not sometimes. Rarely. It's like 10-second sensation and then it goes. And I am back to being rational and head-screwed-onto-shoulders (RHSOS) again.
U: Of course, of course.

A: U, you knew I would do this, didn't you? Why didn't you tell me?! U, you moron!
U: Then you wouldn't have done it, he he.
A: Of course, your job is to keep me RHSOS every time I waiver! Did you not know that, U?
U: My job is to keep you RHSOS. Relax, Her Sensibility is Often Surreal. My job is soo much fun, he he.
A: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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