Melancholy is a word I learnt in High School, when we were being taught Midsummer Night's Dream. Sophisticated English teachers (who wore big red bindis, starched off-white saris, and were divorced) pointed out that Shakespearean imagery of winds and their sorcery was used, often, to depict moods. One of these moods being melancholy.

I graduated from the stage of cordiality with Melancholy, to that of familiarity in college, as I began to realise that PMS wasn't entirely a concoction of Oprah Winfrey and Agony Aunt columns of rave-n-rant feminists. When all my nonchalance gathered up, scraped- scrounged-piggie-bank-broken, could not put up a good enough fight for the onslaught engineered by Hormone army. And melancholy is the Lovechild of this cruel Hormonal onslaught upon my otherwise, ahem, Footloose and Fancifree self.

I am convinced PMS days can't be described better in any other term, in any other language, than the Shakespeare-favourite word Melancholy. In Hindi, it will probably be called Udaasi, but that fits only Greek Tragedy Queens, or Mala Sinha (from the 1950s) in a white sari. Can't think of an exact Bong word for it, but even if it strikes me, I'm sure it won't match the accuracy of Melancholy.

So last night, I experienced Melancholy (Vista version), where a book and good music and rains seem to gang up on you. Like school-bullies. And every third sentence in the book seems to resonate your Melancholy. And you confide in the spider web at the edges of the ceiling.


anglophilicbong said…
Looked it up on wikipedia,if its close Durkheim's anomie- then that's not close to PMS... it's not a proactive feeling of any sort, but a dominantly passive one, where u want to ponder on the feeling and not so much pin down the causes.... wallowing in self-pity for the msot part:)
John said…
anglophilicbong said…
he he, stop being heteropatriarchal john:P

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