Dream Theatre

This post brought back ruminations about Vishal Bharadwaj. I am an unapologetic secret lover. Of this budding master's easy dreamweaving around Shakespearean scripts. Creation of the surreal, the eerie, the dreamlike, the ghostly- is this man's brand of cinemagic.

Maqbool wove the edginess of forbidden desire, of an ambitious man of restraint, and a vivacious beauty trapped. Of feminine cunning. Of lovers, bent and broken. Of ambition losing its machismo. Of two quirky sycophants. Of violent intrigues being part of everyday life. Other than some RGV productions (Sarkar immediately comes to mind), I have not seen a filmmaker that creates unrealistic auras, with such elan. My filmwatching canvas, of course, being limited to Bollywood, Bangla Aantel movies, Hollywood purportedly Aantel movies, Oscar winners, and select Europe/Mexico/SE Asia movies.

Omkara is something I am a little obsessive about (as you will figure from my rantings in a fledgling movie blog that we dint ultimately kick off). Here too, Bharadwaj creates an aura of unreal cowbelt patriarchal society and internal power equations, which as urbane metro bubble-gum audience, I believe, every time I watch the movie. The machismo-wars that operate parallel yet entangled in the larger political wars, revealing the vulnerabilities of Boys with the Guns.

Chhatri Chor, similarly, creates an aura around a blue umbrella. A child's zealous possessiveness. A middle-aged man's innocent avarice. All the while spreading cinemagic amidst a sleepy hill-hamlet. Skies of peach and pathways of snow. Meadows of green, and cows of little girls. Musclepower, here too, of the fairytale variety. That one accepts, and does not scream out in outrage. Because it all fits in with Bharadwaj's dreamride.

I hear he is making a short film on HIV AIDS with Mira Nair, hope the dreamweaving will continue. And he will not break into the big scene and lose his taste for the unreal talking to the real. And I hope he will marry me someday. Sigh.

5:09 p.m. Machismo is my word for the week. Pronounced 'makkhismo'.


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