I am increasingly beginning to get the feeling that Delhi digs Bongs lots. Especially the artsy-fartsy, wine-and-kabab-at-habitat Dilliwala. For whom the imagination of the Bong is thus:

- Men spout Goethe and Habermas in their nappies;
- The sexier men are photographers, film-makers, film crits, litcrits, wannabe writers;
- The sexiest men live in abject poverty;
- Marx is taught in nursery rhyme in the Bong home;
- The women are all dusky-hot with big eyes and crumpled cotton saris;
- The sexier women are film crits, lit crits, political scientists, dancers, actors;
- The sexiest women are very rich;
- The sexier of the sexist are enthusiasts of jazz, western classical music and robindroshongeet.

Now, I am thinking whatever is going to happen to the millions of sexy Bong men in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ohio, Dallas, San Francisco and Salt Lake who are :

- Spouting code in their orgasms;
- Sucking phirang (ahem..) organs to jump from green to purple card status;
- Knowing astrophysics, biotechnology or code;
- Knowing that their mothers are virgins;
- Not knowing rich any sexy dusky Bong women with big eyes and intellectual boyfriends;
- Making lots of money and no love;
- Living in perpetual fear of voluble girlfriends(who are giving no action), mother and sisters (who are, of course, virgins);
- Spending Dallas-weekends with Kakoos and pishis in Connecticut.

Further, I am also wondering and feeling somewhat sympathetic about the zillion Bong women who are:
- Rather adipose-friendly and devoid of intellectual boyfriends;
- Finishing PhDs in astrophysics, biotechnology or code;
- Finding Presi-Eco boyfriends or JU-English boyfriends to be devoid of prospects;
- Therefore finding 'prospect'ive boyfriends in Dallas or Ohio;
- Wearing tight slinky sequin dresses and daincing in Tantra when they are feeling frustrated at not finding Dallas boyfriends;
- Singing robindroshongeet and Linkin Park;
- Giving out subtle mate calls in Maddox Square, Kolkata during Durga Puja.

So, basically, I am feeling mighty flattered at the IHC-wine-kabab-modernity gang's interest in my clan, but am wishing they would be little more inclusive in their Bong-fetish, so that many more dadas and didis (including myself) can feel sexy.


In-fucking-credible. Race memory brought to life.

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