I think this is fun

Some like it rave-n-rant
Some like it blue
Some like to enchant
And some have no clue…

The trick is in the toolbag
Of link, tag and stats
Some shots in sepia
You’ve got it down pat.

Ex-boyfriends’ effigies
post-modern tease
outrage at MNCs
Politicoes at ease.

Blog pigs and sugar-mills
Dams and sarkar
Blog feminist theory
Caste-vote and war.

Blog rain and blog sun
Blog NRI fun
Bloggit- every coffee break
Anon if you may,
Blog date and blog hate
Blog some regrets
Photoblog your escapades
Words are passé.

You speak in cyberspace,
Pretty girls log in,
Blog-flirt with cute posts
And maybe you’ll win.

Blog dine and blog wine
Ecstacy and agony
Of a lost post procured.


tame_wildcard said…
Thats quite, quite good.

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