Of Madness and Civilisation

The stories of creation and destruction prodded by whatever it is that creates mischief in the human mind- is it what we call today 'development'? Could it have been called 'civilisation' at some point? And 'war'/'conquest' at some other time? To play with the world around like its all clay, and make sandcastles and ships and doll-houses and break them as you like and make them again. And sometimes for fun, put people in through the little windows, and make them talk and dance and drink wine and pull them out whenever you like.

Then some put on messiah-masks and are Protectors and Conservators and Lawgivers and Justicegivers. And say 'You have done grave wrong, off you go', and 'You have been thrown out on the street that is meant for people to walk on, so I will pick you up and put you in one little corner' and 'You go clean the river, and plant trees and paint the mountains so we can get a feel of the Pristine and Natural and the Original'. Is it also play of some kind? Where the game is called Putting Things Where They Belong.

It's also a little bit like a home-mama. She punishes and rewards. She does justice all the time. She likes things in their right place. She hates untidiness and dirt and disorder. She stands for health and happiness and freshness and discipline. She takes our madness and makes us civilised.

This is an ode to the governing mama- that moulds madness into civilisation.


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