The biodata:
Quite simply, i stopped blogging about nine months back, and this is an attempt to start afresh.

A Kolkata-bred, Bangalore-enlightened woman who steered northwards, because there was something there. It smelt funny. Wiry men with red-henna-hair, patiala salwars and juice-shops and moongphaliwalahs, glass bangles, n's rolled up in some pockets, the lands of the ma and the bahn and skewed sex ratios....there's something here. What, I'm still sniffing.... tell you in a bit.

What the blog is going to be about:

1. Delhi/NCR/cowbelt
2. The hallowed halls of the sarkar
3. General legal/socio-political gyan
4. Jhandagiri and other stories
5. Shopping for summer clothing
6. Living on showstring budgets


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