Of Rum and then Some

Knock-out is Punjoo-friendly beer, with higher alcohol content than the others, a sort of sweet, whisky-ish smell, and knocks you out in no time. The weekend wasn't much of a party, just some last-minute attempt at a Weekend, by drowning in Knock-out and then Rum-n-coke.

The waiter had placed the vodka near me, and the two Rums-n-Cokes near my two men friends. - See, he thinks you are a vodka chick.
-What is it about me that might make him think I am a vodka-chick!

What is it, in fact, that makes a woman- a woman of vodka, a woman of daiquiri, a woman of tequila, or woman of rum-n-coke. Is it a yardstick that maps how 'genteel' the woman is? Is it a yardstick of measuring how much she 'hangs out with the boys'? Is it a predictive tool of judging whether she wants to get high, happy, tipsy-n-giggly, dead drunk and calling ex-boyfriend, drunk and willing to bartop-dance?!

In any event, Vodka and I are over. The chemistry used to be incredible at some point, but the sharp drops in the roller-coaster turned out too much to handle. So rum, here I come. Vodka used to listen to my ...ahem... inner soul, whereas Rum is like a back-slapping buddy. No baggage, no hangups, just pure fun, no morning-after angst.

It is pertinent to mention that in the past few months, I have also developed an affinity for the purely Man's drink- the Whisky. Not in a Khanna uncle, whisky-n-water- to-drown-out-Auntie's-grievances, and Sweetie's-love-for-the-Decibel way. Not in a suave, unshaven-man, baritoned, scotch-on-the-rocks way, but like the eminient feminists, feminising the experience, with Apple Juice. The idea, of course, is from an Alcohol-worshipping male friend. But , it was sort of waiting for me to find it, and give it love and warmth, in the wolverine arena of the Neat Whisky.

Please note, that Alcohol is going to feature at regular intervals.
Please also note that I have a strong affinity for Capital letters, and full stops in eh middle of nowhere. More on my views on grammar, next time.


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