Of Panchayats in summer

Most annoyed for having lost a beautiful post last night, which I thought was saved, but Blogger messed up.

So Yuppy Activist (hereinafter "YA") sits in a corner and writhes, as Local Leader (hereinafter "LL") shrieks something to the tune of "Gimme blood, and I'll give you water"... "That a villager who does not abide by the decision of the Pradhan commits a legal wrong". Shut up, there is no such compulsion in the Constitution. The 73rd Amendment on Panchayati Raj was instituted to facilitate decentralised democracy- with some powers in the Panchayat to take decisions in specific areas- water,sanitation, health, blah, i forget- but no coercive powers are reflected in the Amendment. By the time YA is done writhing, the point has floated across. LL beams radiantly.

What does it matter to YA as long as a case for violated industrial pollution standards is made out? YA yearns for facewash, rubbing her neck, watching the corners of her nails collect dirt. Yeah, will collate the material, will prepare a note, will help with the campaign, ok can we go now? Thank you, please have the interim order mailed to my office. G'nite....

YA's Day out.


- What does citizenship in a democracy mean if activists don't value proceses of participatory decision-making? What is this charisma politics? I am your hero, so I will think for you! Can I not think because I am poor? Am i not entitled to an opportunity to discuss, dissent, maybe agree after I've given it some thought!

-Maybe coercion is a cultural thing, especially coercion through emotional blackmail. If you dare start thinking about what I say, it means you don't trust me....Maybe, some people are okay with that. Maybe, that is a different brand of autonomy. Being okay with coercion.


- Are people's movements really personality movements? Is this what cool academics call 'democracy deficit'?

- Maybe I am culturally conditioned to interpret citizenship in a "I must have a say in everything, that affects me" way, maybe there are cultural variants of democracy."

- My cheques are finally credited, so I can drink this weekend, or shop for summery skirts in Sarojini. Good stuff.


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