Of Martyrdom and Manufacture of Efficiency

At lawschool, we were reared with a sort of "armed forces patriotism". We like the sounds of
" Yes sir", "Will be done tonight sir", " Doesn't matter, I will pull an all-nighter sir"....Gives one a sensation of a being a breed of jihadi, soem sort of martyr. Whereas, only few things in our business, unlike that of doctors and the police and the army and journalists and such other important people, are actually life-and-death. Those would include when a guy needs to be out on bail, when limitation period ends tomorrow (mmmm.... limitation period is one of legal irritants which takes away your right to sue a for not paying back your money, twelve years, after he was supposed to have paid, why you can't sue him twelve years later, I don't really know, except it would make my life easier if you could), or when you realise five minutes before you were going to file that there is a landmark judgment in your favour, that you sort of dint kow of.....

The rich lawyers create urgency, so they manufacture some insane levels of efficiency( pulling off a merger in one night) where its not really required, but it gives your client a sense that numbers of zeroes in his cheques, were after all worth the quality of 'service'.

Us PIL chaps create urgency for moral gratification. So we go home, dishevelled and hungry and irrtiable thinking it was all for social change, to carry the voices of the marginals ito the hallowed halls of justice. Then we imagine our little Magsaysays through hour-long power naps.

Yanyways, I was hoping for upwardly-mobile night of measured extravagance (without risking penury), and skimpy clothes, and drunken flirtatious giggle and some cha cha cha.

But Politics of Development and Good Governance beckons. And I square my activistic shoulders, for the cross that I carry, is one that demands a martyrdom that only I can deliver. I straighten my ruffled deveopment-feather, which had been swayed which was almost flying off at the lure, of petty bourgouise pleasures.

But no, the voice of the marginal beckons, and i must say a reassuring Holla, and peer into the papers of justice.


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