The Key Role Played by the Cute Chick

You see it always helps to be cute. You must be "efficient and competent and intelligent" as well. If you are both, then you are the stuff that I don't like. So i will ignore you. If you are the former only, they always give you appointments, for as long as you want, as often as you want, they love you, but never do your work after you leave their office, If you are the latter only, then they hate doing your work, they hate giving you appointments, they hate you, but you get work done out of them.

Then again, if you are the former, you are useful to other agencies and institutions. Like the press likes you coz you make good photo-ops. The ministry guy likes you coz he gets into the pic, if he shakes your hand, and grins lasciviously at you. The NGO/cause/issue/dam/displacement/dharan/party/fundraiser/film/documentary that you represent gets attention. So if you're a cute chick, you are very very useful, in more ways than you can imagine. You fuel industries, create demand, create demand for ancillaries to meet the demand, you make oppressors see reasons and the despondents see light.


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