Delhi-Dilemmas: The Life and Times of the Yuppy Activist

The initial days of a blog are the early flirting days of sixteen- you are very keen to keep the connection going, you don't want things to fizzle, and you are continuously rattling your head for something 'cool' to say. At about nineteen, you also develop the anxiety to not sound 'too keen', and realise the magical powers of the odd 'nonchalance' breaks.

So I am through with my purported 'nonchalance' break, and back with gusto. With a carefully thought out 'expose'.


The yuppy metro-city activist, grows up in bilingualism, hip-ness, little bit of hippieness, with some intellectual ingredients thrown in which trigger small outbursts on the lines of - 'that this nation-building project is exclusionary', 'this development paradigm is exploitative', knowing the logic but not knowing the masala. Trying to grapple with the irony that that the beer that they guzzle through Saturday nights, dries up water resources for villagers whose crop, culture and citizenship is much debated over the beer.

So this is my Delhi-dilemma, which apart from sounding cool and alliterative, I shall use as summarising the crux of this blog. So what about the Delhi-dilemma?That I don't drink Coke, but often couple it with rum, that I crib when my maid bunks and talk of the travails of the organised labour, that I largely wear desi kurtas but often with Pepe jeans.

Mr. K. Marx would have probably seen me as part of the productive-asset-owning class, that has access not just to production capital, but also social/cultural capital, and yet the likes of me, with their professional arrogance and chewing-gum accents cringe in the guilt of our exploiting shoes. Except on the nights that we don them dancing shoes and go cha-cha-cha. Knowing that the big multiplex/club/hotel that titillates our sense has evicted some casual labourer whose rebellion inspires us.

We are mostly organised in three sects- The Academics, The NGO-wallahs, The Journalists. Some have loyalties in more than one sect. They conflict and unite from time to time, in the continuing war against bad things that happen in the world.

ahem.... Thank you...


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